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On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2016 | Firm News

A man in Missouri has been indicted on 21 counts that include extortion, wire fraud and cyberstalking. Authorities say he committed acts that amount to sexual assault as he acted under fraudulent circumstances with dozens of women. The women were seeking work as models, and were apparently told their chances of being cast would increase if they agreed to engage in sex with the man as an audition for future film work.

At least six different women’s complaints were included in the recent indictment. Authorities investigating the situation say the man used his computer to Google phrases related to sexual assault by deception. A former neighbor of the man expressed shock after hearing current charges against him. The neighbor stated that he was always kind and helpful and had even extended a dinner invitation on more than one occasion.

One of the alleged victims says she was talked into a sexual encounter by the man, who promised to pay her $2,000. She said she never received any money from him. Another woman said the man promised her $10,000 for a sexual rendezvous. She also said she was never paid.

Investigators continue to scrutinize the situation and a public plea has gone out telling other possible victims to come forward by immediately contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In Missouri or elsewhere, it takes more than mere accusation to be convicted of sexual assault or any other crime. In fact, many people in past situations have been able to avoid conviction through experienced and aggressive defense representation in court.

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