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Missouri man arrested following accusations of sodomy

A child has interactions with a variety of different adults throughout their day. In addition to their teachers and parents, they also interact with other family members and family friends, among others. Unfortunately, police in Missouri have recently accused one man of sodomy for his alleged relationship with a teenager.

Criminal law: Missouri traffic stop leads to drug charges

As most people in Missouri are aware, the federal Constitution provides them with certain protections, including protection from unreasonable searches. However, if a police officer claims that he or she smells marijuana in a vehicle, that could prompt the officer to initiate a search -- solely based on the officer's alleged sense of smell -- potentially creating criminal law issues for someone. One man who was traveling through the state was recently arrested on drug charges following a traffic stop.

Missouri teen's claims leads to statutory rape arrest

The internet has opened up a whole new world for people who have access to it. In addition to accessing information they could not have easily done before, people are able to make friends that live across the country or would otherwise have difficulty meeting. Unfortunately, such access does have some pitfalls. For example, many people may be unsure if the people they are meeting are truthful about their personal information, including their age. One man in Missouri was recently accused of statutory rape after a teenager he allegedly met online told police they had a sexual relationship.

Where to turn for help if DWI charges are ruining your holidays

The 2016 holiday season has officially begun. In addition to decorating, shopping and planning family celebrations, many Missouri residents are getting together with friends, co-workers and relatives to imbibe a little holiday cheer. These social occasions often include alcohol, and good times may become troubled if party-goers wind up facing DWI charges as they travel back to their homes.

More than 100 arrested for DUI during Thanksgiving weekend

Missouri state troopers were quite busy during the recent holiday weekend. One master sergeant said the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday following the holiday are their busiest times of the year with regard to traffic stops. This year, more than 100 motorists were arrested for DUI in Missouri during that four day period.

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