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Missouri man convicted of rape questions constitutionality of law

When most people in Missouri are convicted of a crime, they expect to serve their sentence and then to be released in order to start over with their lives. However, one man in Missouri still has not experienced freedom, even after serving a 25-year sentence following a rape conviction. He has since filed a lawsuit, claiming that the state law that allowed his continued confinement is unconstitutional.

Missouri hotel search leads to charge of possession of drugs

Those in Missouri who have spent any time at a hotel are likely aware that many different people have access to their hotel rooms. In fact, it may be impossible to know exactly how many people have the ability to enter a room. Despite this, a woman was recently arrested and charged with possession of drugs after police searched her hotel room.

Missouri man arrested, faces rape charges

The criminal justice system in this country is complex. Often, people accused of crimes in Missouri and across the country are unprepared to properly respond to criminal charges. As a result, those accused of rape and other crimes seek help from experienced criminal defense attorneys to help them make decisions about their cases.

Missouri school fights may leave some creating a criminal defense

Young people may sometimes have trouble completely controlling their emotions. While in class in Missouri and across the country, they are often required to control their energy and emotions for hours on end. In addition, they are often required to spend a great deal of time around peers, some of whom they may not get along with. Under these circumstances, it may not be surprising that school fights occur. Unfortunately, a recent change in state law may leave some students who have done no more than call a classmate a name wondering about a criminal defense in response to felony charges.

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