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On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Firm News

The criminal justice system in this country is complex. Often, people accused of crimes in Missouri and across the country are unprepared to properly respond to criminal charges. As a result, those accused of rape and other crimes seek help from experienced criminal defense attorneys to help them make decisions about their cases.

One Missouri man may need such help now that he is accused of sexually assaulting two different women. The first alleged victim reportedly met the 44-year-old man at a bar. While she says she declined his sexual advances, he ordered her a drink. She states that the next thing she remembers is waking up in a hotel room with no clothes. DNA obtained in a sexual assault examination reportedly matched the man.

The second incident involves the 19-year-old friend of one of the man’s daughter. She allegedly consumed several alcoholic beverages before falling asleep at his house but claims she woke up some time later to find the man engaged in sexual intercourse with her. According to the alleged victim, she has no other memories until she woke up the next day.

The rape accusations against this Missouri man are serious. Because of their seriousness, people often forget that he as presumed innocent until — and only if — proved otherwise. Courts demand a high burden of proof to obtain a conviction. While most people have a vague knowledge of their rights and how the courts work, their understanding is often insufficient to mount an effective defense.

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