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Incident in Missouri results in assault charges

When a person is being questioned regarding possible involvement in a crime, he or she may be intimidated by authority figures and unaware of his or her rights. As a result, many people in Missouri request a lawyer during the earliest stages of an investigation. Such a professional can help those suspected of a crime fully understand the potential implications of the answers they provide police. Four people in Missouri have recently been charged with assault after police questioned one of the people they believe were involved in an alleged beating.

Missouri teacher faces sexual assault accusation

All criminal accusations deserve an investigation. However, anyone can accuse another person of an illegal act. As a result, there must be sufficient evidence to prove a person's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Although a Missouri teacher has recently been accused of sexual assault, it is unclear what evidence supports the charges against the man.

Statutory rape charges filed against Missouri teacher

Most teachers in Missouri are committed to protecting the overall well-being of their students. In fact, some teachers develop close relationships with their students -- relationships that can sometimes be misconstrued by outsiders. Unfortunately, a teacher now faces statutory rape charges for her alleged relationship with a minor.

Missouri woman charged with possession of drugs, DWI

Every single driver has had a moment while driving in which they drifted into oncoming lanes of traffic. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including because they are reaching for a dropped item or adjusting the radio station. Fortunately, most drivers are able to quickly correct their vehicle without causing an accident. However, one Missouri woman now faces multiple criminal charges, including possession of drugs, presumably after she drifted across a dividing line in the roadway.

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