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On Behalf of | May 8, 2017 | Firm News

Some people have struggles in life. For many, these struggles start at a young age, resulting in interventions such as a stay at a facility that provides behavioral health services. Unfortunately, officials in Missouri have accused an employee at such a facility of statutory rape as a result of his alleged relationship with a teenager who resides at the facility.

Police were contacted after a tip was given on the Child Abuse/Neglect hotline. The tipster claimed that the 28-year-old man and the 16-year-old teenager had left the facility’s campus to engage in sexual intercourse. The facility reports that following the accusations, workers reviewed surveillance footage. Supposedly, the footage revealed “suspicious” behavior, including the couple entering a laundry room and moving a couch.

Police allege that the employee has admitted that he and the resident had a sexual relationship, claiming they had sexual intercourse several times, both on and off property of the facility. Investigators say that the teenager said the now-accused worker told her that he would lose his job if they did not keep their relationship a secret. He now faces multiple criminal charges as a result of the accusations, including statutory sodomy and statutory rape.

Often, people who are accused of crimes may not be fully aware of the advantages of involving a criminal defense attorney during the early stages of an investigation — including during initial questioning. Unfortunately, a suspect could inadvertently provide information that could hurt one’s case. However, an attorney with experience with cases involving accusations of statutory rape can help those accused in Missouri throughout the criminal process, even before charges are filed.

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