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On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Firm News

The internet has opened many opportunities to people in Missouri and across the world. People in Missouri now have access to more products without driving long distances and are able to more easily and inexpensively maintain contact with people from various different places around the globe. However, the internet does come with some pitfalls. In fact, a teenager is now accused of statutory rape in connection to his reported relationship with a younger girl.

Police say that the 19-year-old man now arrested began a relationship with a 13-year-old he met online. In late May, reports indicated that the young girl was abducted, and an Amber alert was issued. It was canceled once the girl was located on a day in late May.

According to reports, the girl was discovered with the male and his grandfather at a residence in Missouri. While the two men were taken in for questioning, the girl was released to her parents. The teenaged male has since been charged with statutory rape and his being held on bail.

Many details regarding the rape charges are unclear, and, unfortunately, it may be difficult to determine a person’s actual age when talking on the internet. Now, this young Missouri man is left to make several important decisions. If convicted of the charges against him, he could face serious consequences. To ensure that he understands his legal options, he may opt to seek the guidance of an attorney with experience with such cases. With such help, he will likely feel more confident in the decisions makes as he navigates the criminal justice system.

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