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On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Firm News

An organization that is struggling financially may choose to seek answers to its struggles. Often, this may mean finding someone on which to lay blame. Unfortunately, a former employee of the University of Missouri is suspected of embezzlement after an internal review was conducted. Prior to the alleged criminal activity, several individuals were laid off after offices were restructured to compensate for revenue lost due to declining tuition and state funds.

The internal review was sparked after an employee with the Office of Greek Life reportedly discovered what was described as “suspicious activity.” Following the review conducted by the university, the case was handed over to police, stating that the case involves misappropriating funds associated with the Office of Greek Life. Many of the details regarding the allegations are unclear — including the activity that the employer claims to have observed and how much money is involved.

The university claims that the employee suspected of illegal activity was terminated once the investigation made the determination that university policy had been violated. Now police are set to investigate the matter. If they determine that a crime was committed, they will recommend prosecution.

Embezzlement is often complicated with many people unaware of all facets of such allegations. As a result, those suspected or accused of such a crime in Missouri often hire an attorney to ensure they fully understand all elements of their case. Taking such action even before charges are filed can help a suspect fully understand the questions he or she is being asked and the potential ramifications of and information provided to authorities.

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