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White Collar Crimes Attorney In St. Louis, Missouri

Due to the complex nature of white collar crimes and the potential risks of a conviction, it is vital to seek the legal guidance of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney when facing such charges. As a white collar crimes defense attorney at The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith, I understand the potential consequences you are facing and know the strategies you can use to minimize the impact of a conviction or avoid it altogether.

From my office in St. Louis, Missouri, I provide aggressive and effective legal representation to individuals and businesses facing white collar charges throughout the state of Missouri, including St. Charles, St. Louis and Jefferson counties.

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Understanding White Collar Crimes

The term “white collar crime” is used to describe nonviolent crimes that are committed for financial gain. Typically, white collar crimes involve financial deception, fraud, theft or concealment.

As an attorney who maintains a 100% focus on criminal defense, I understand how complicated and stressful white collar crime charges can be. It is not uncommon for white collar crime offenses to arise because of an honest mistake or false accusations.

Types Of White Collar Crimes

Some of the most common types of white collar crimes include:

  • Identity theft. The crime of identity theft involves using someone else’s identity (name or personal/financial information) without their permission or pretending to be someone else for financial gain.
  • Embezzlement. This crime occurs when a person purposefully steals or misappropriates the funds or assets entrusted to them.
  • Wire fraud. The crime of wire fraud occurs when someone wants to defraud another party by means of electronic communication (text messaging, emails and so on).
  • Mail fraud. This type of white collar crime occurs when a person uses the mail system to defraud others or otherwise perpetrate a fraudulent scheme.
  • Securities fraud. Securities or investment fraud occurs when someone posing as an investment agency or individual deceives potential investors into investing or making purchases based on false information.
  • Mortgage fraud. This type of crime involves the deliberate misrepresentation of information for the purpose of getting a mortgage that would not have been granted otherwise.
  • Bank fraud. Bank fraud occurs when a person attempts to acquire money or property from a financial institution through deception or criminal activity.
  • Health care fraud. Health care fraud occurs when health care providers, patients or others attempt to deceive the health care system by purposefully providing false or inaccurate information.
  • Credit card theft. As the name implies, this type of white collar crime occurs when someone gains access to another person’s credit or debit card to make unauthorized purchases or transactions.
  • Money laundering. This type of crime occurs when someone needs to conceal the origins of illegally obtained money by making it look like it comes from legitimate sources.

As a white collar crimes defense attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, I defend clients facing these charges and help them secure the most favorable outcomes possible.

Possible Penalties For White Collar Crimes

Facing white collar crime charges can be stressful and overwhelming. A conviction can lead to devastating consequences. In addition to time behind bars, an individual convicted of a white collar crime usually must pay hefty fines and restitution to the victim. Other consequences include a damaged reputation and difficulty maintaining employment.

Given the serious penalties associated with white collar crimes, you should seek legal counsel from a skilled criminal defense attorney to help you understand your defense options to mitigate the consequences you are facing. If the alleged offense crossed state lines, a white collar crime could be investigated on a federal level. Federal laws that govern white collar crimes are harsher on punishment.

White Collar Crimes Attorney Serving St. Louis, Missouri

A conviction for a white collar crime can dramatically impact your life both professionally and personally. That is why it is critical to understand your defense options to minimize the impact of the charges or avoid a conviction altogether. As a white collar crimes defense attorney at The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith, I represent individuals and businesses in St. Louis and throughout the state of Missouri. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your unique case.