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November 2017 Archives

White collar crimes: Guilty plea in Missouri to fraud charges

People often make mistakes in life. The reasons for these mistakes often vary from lack of knowledge and experience to simple negligence. Regardless of the reason, some people in Missouri find themselves facing accusations of white collar crimes. For example, one man has recently pleaded guilty to charges of tax fraud and voting illegally.

Missouri driver hospitalized, suspected of DWI following crash

In less time than it takes to change a radio station or reach for a dropped item on the floorboard, a vehicle can drift slightly off the roadway. Many drivers in Missouri, concerned about the potential consequences of even momentarily leaving the roadway, have a moment of panic, causing them to drift off the road. Unfortunately, a driver in Missouri who is believed to have crashed in such a scenario is now suspected of DWI.

Man charged with murder, assault after Missouri shooting

Conflict happens between people for a variety of different reasons. Regardless of the nature of the conflict, most people calm down and go on about their business as time passes. However, police claim that a man in Missouri murdered two people people and shot at two others even though time had passed since an initial conflict. The man is now charged with murder and assault.

Missouri teen accused of drunk driving following fatal crash

A car accident can happen so quickly that a driver often has little opportunity to react. When a person is involved in an accident that causes serious harm, that event will likely live with them for the rest of his or her life. Unfortunately, a teenager in Missouri is now accused of drunk driving following a crash that reportedly killed two people.

Man accused of assault in Missouri

It is often difficult to predict how people will react during a moment of conflict, especially if they feel that their life may be endangered. However, police often make assumptions regarding who the aggressor was when an event results in violence, even if an investigation has not been completed. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri has recently been accused of assault after police say he shot a Lyft driver.

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