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On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Firm News

There are many workers in Missouri who are dedicated to performing their job tasks as expected. However, even the most dedicated employees are capable of making mistakes. Unfortunately, if those mistakes ultimately lead to the loss of money, employees could find themselves facing accusations of fraud. In fact, a former employee of an excavating company has recently been charged.

The woman at the heart of the case was hired by the company in 2017 and fired in 2018. Reports indicate that she worked as the administrative clerk. As part of her job, she was responsible for oversight of the company credit cards.

Specifically, she was expected to reconcile charges on credit cards to the receipts for them. She then reportedly entered the information into the accounting system, including codes for the accounts charged and the work performed. However, law enforcement officials claim that she sent payments from the credit cards to accounts that she owned and controlled. Officials claim that she took over $240,000 from the company by doing this. It is unclear how the missing funds were discovered.

Unfortunately, cases involving allegations of fraud are serious and often complex. Those facing such charges in Missouri and across the country often feel overwhelmed by the criminal justice system and the decisions — often ones that will significantly impact the rest of their lives — that they will have to make as a result. By having an experienced defense attorney on their side, defendants often have more confidence in their ability to make informed decisions.