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On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Firm News

Most people would admit that a job that requires a direct sale to clients has its challenges. However, many people who work in such a position excel at what they do and are able to succeed in their chosen profession. Unfortunately, police in Missouri claim that a man who sold dental insurance policies was actually involved in a fraud scheme.

The events that led to the 32-year-old man’s arrest reportedly happened in March 2018. Law enforcement officials claim that he approached at least four different people at a food bank. He reportedly made appointments to meet with them at their own home to discuss whether they may qualify for grants for dental work.

Police say that he told the alleged victims that they would only qualify for the grants if they purchased an insurance plan from him. However, law enforcement officials claim that it is reportedly not necessary for them to purchase the plans to qualify for the grant. Officials believe that he was aware of this but was also aware that he would receive financial benefits if they did buy the plans.

The man now faces criminal charges as a result of the fraud accusations. Specifically, he is charged with felony deceptive business practices. Despite the claims made by Missouri law enforcement officers, it is unclear how it was determined or what evidence supports the claim that the man was aware that insurance plans did not need to be purchased to qualify for the dental grants. Because white collar crimes can often be complicated, many facing such accusations often feel unprepared to properly respond to them without assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.