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April 2015 Archives

Man accused of breaking criminal law for drug trafficking

Following a drug bust at a supermarket parking lot, one man has recently been arrested in Warren County. The Missouri authorities suspect that the man violated criminal law and attempted to make a drug delivery. The man has been arrested and charged with first-degree drug trafficking.

3 expected to form criminal defense after traffic stop

Three men were recently arrested following a traffic stop in Marion County. An officer with the Missouri State Highway Patrol claimed that fake IDs and fraudulent credit cards were discovered in the vehicle. Now, each of three men is likely focused on preparing his criminal defense alongside legal counsel.

2 form criminal defense against car theft accusations

A young man and a minor were recently arrested in Jefferson City. The Missouri police have accused them of committing several car thefts in the area, and they each face multiple criminal charges. Alongside their respective legal counsel, each of the two individuals is likely focused on preparing his individual criminal defense against the charges.

5 accused of violating criminal law after drug busts

Law enforcement officers from multiple entities cooperated together in a Jefferson City drug bust. The Missouri officers executed three search warrants simultaneously, and five individuals were arrested. Each individual is accused of criminal law offenses for allegedly committing drug-related crimes, but the specific charges that each person faces were not disclosed.

3 to form criminal defense in alleged check fraud scheme

Three individuals were recently arrested in Columbia after a search warrant was executed on a residence. The Missouri law enforcement officers were initially searching for one individual who was suspected of forging numerous checks. Now, each of the three accused men is likely focused on preparing his criminal defense alongside legal counsel.

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