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Two men facing possession of drugs charges in Missouri

Drug-related offenses in Missouri carry penalties that vary in severity based on state and federal laws and the individual circumstances of a particular situation. Often, experienced criminal defense is crucial toward obtaining as positive an outcome as possible in court. Those accused of possession of drugs or other crimes in the state are advised to request immediate legal guidance following an arrest.

Avoiding harsh penalties with criminal law help in Missouri

Being accused of illicit drug activity in Missouri can be a frightening experience. Especially for those with no prior convictions on their criminal law records, being arrested and charged with drug crimes can be quite unsettling. Every person accused of a crime has the right build as strong a defense as possible to avoid the harsh penalties associated with a conviction.

Fighting possession of drugs charges in a Missouri court

The prosecution of those accused of drug-related crimes in Missouri is typically very aggressive. If one has been charged with possession of drugs, it is crucial to build a strong defense to minimize the potential negative outcome of the situation. Many drug convictions carry penalties that include lengthy prison terms and substantial monetary judgments.

Man enters guilty plea in sexual assault case in Missouri

When accused of a crime in Missouri, a person may choose to enter a guilty plea to the court for any number of reasons. Typically, such a decision is made alongside the guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can clarify the potential legal ramifications of such an action and offer advice as to any other options that may be available to a defendant. Many times, an attorney and defendant decide that pleading guilty to sexual assault or another similar offense is within a client's best interests.

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