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Avoiding long-term consequences for minor theft in Missouri

Sometimes, people in Missouri or elsewhere make choices they later come to regret in life. There are also times when a person is accused of something he or she did not do; yet, that may be difficult to prove without first going through a legal battle in court. There is no reason that minor theft charges or other misdemeanors should ruin a person's entire future.

Doctors outside Missouri facing criminal law charges for drugs

When community professionals or officials are accused of illegal drug activities, their reputations are at stake. Criminal law assistance is available to anyone facing drug charges in Missouri; this is often a key factor in obtaining a positive outcome in court. Defendants typically wish to minimize the potential negative impact such charges can have on their futures; thus, retaining experienced legal counsel is often crucial toward this end.

Drama teaches students about DUI dangers in Missouri

Missouri parents no doubt wants to do all within their power to teach their kids how to avoid the dangers of drunk driving. Every DUI incident not only places lives at risk, but may also present serious legal challenges to a driver when formally charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime. Students in Farmington recently participated in a program designed to raise awareness to help them make better informed choices regarding drinking and getting behind the wheels of motor vehicles.

Protestant preacher in Missouri will do time for statutory rape

Many Missouri parents have entrusted their children to the spiritual care of youth ministers in their churches. Protestant congregations often have tremendous membership numbers, with hundreds, if not thousands, of area youth coming together for activities, field trips and worship services. One can only imagine the depth of a parent's grief to learn that a child has been assaulted in statutory rape by someone the family trusted.

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