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Missouri internet sex crimes: Ads for sex acts part of new law

Missouri law is about to change, effective August 28. Apparently, the new law states that internet sex crimes and other sex-related offenses will include advertisements that promote sex acts. Nevertheless, being accused of sex crimes and being convicted are two very different things. Often, presenting a strong defense in court significantly impacts the outcome.

Man accused of the robbery of 2 convenience stores in 16 minutes

A recent case in Missouri involves a man who has been accused of holding up two convenience stores within 16 minutes. These charges come directly after previous robbery and drug allegations that the man has supposedly committed. The man must now focus on a criminal defense as he faces the pending charges.

Missouri traffic violations stops do not always go well

There are any number of reasons that a police officer in Missouri might attempt to pull over a motorist. During such situations, an officer might, at some point, ask the driver to exit the vehicle. Even if a motorist is charged with traffic violations, a police officer must adhere to protocol and regulations that protect the person's constitutional rights at all times.

Many criminal defense situations in Missouri involve theft

Being accused of a crime in Missouri and convicted of a crime are two very different things. The first does not necessarily lead to the latter. Often, a conviction depends on the type of criminal defense one is able to present during court proceedings. An experienced attorney is often able to secure a positive outcome for a defendant.

Protecting personal rights after being charged for sexual assault

Being accused of a crime that is sexual in nature can bring a person's reputation to near ruin. Any person in Missouri or elsewhere has the right to explore all available options to fight against sexual assault charges. In fact, there are several things a criminal defense attorney can do immediately to help a defendant protect his or her legal rights.

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