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October 2016 Archives

Criminal law efforts needed when charges span various states

Being charged with a drug-related crime in Missouri is no small matter. Recent developments in this area suggest that criminal law guidance may be needed by defendants in several different states, including this one. Authorities have drawn connections between arrests in various areas as being connected to the same drug trafficking ring.

Man sentenced for internet sex crimes, wife files for divorce

Missouri law is aggressive in its efforts to protect children. When law enforcement officers believe someone is committing internet sex crimes or other unlawful acts against minors, they sometimes set up a sting operation to investigate the situation. This occurred in March 2016, when a crime analyst posed as a young  girl online.

Criminal law situation in Missouri includes serious drugs

Missouri used to be called the methamphetamine capital of the United States. Some law officers may still think that assessment is correct. Reportedly, an investigation that lasted more than a year recently culminated with seizures of drugs, cash and weapons in four separate raids. Now, several dozen people are likely looking to devise effective criminal law defenses.

Girl in Missouri reports possible internet sex crimes

Many people in Missouri may relate to leaving their Facebook accounts logged on by mistake, thereby giving anyone who may use the device access to the account. One girl borrowed her sister's phone and logged into her own Facebook account. When she gave the phone back to her sister, she failed to log out of Facebook, causing her sister to become suspicious of possible internet sex crimes when she read messages contained in the account that was still showing on the phone.

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