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Missouri teen charged with assault after accusations of vandalism

It is difficult to be a teen. In addition to pressures related to performing well at school and making decisions that will impact the rest of their life, teens often face additional pressures from peers, coaches and teachers that most adults would cave under. Unfortunately, police say that a teenager in Missouri attacked a sheriff's deputy after he was questioned about an allegedly threatening message found on a whiteboard in a high school locker room, resulting in assault and other criminal charges.

Assault charge filed follow incident with sword in Missouri

People in Missouri and across the country often become embroiled in conflict. In most instances, this simply means that they become involved in a heated exchange of words. However, police in Missouri have arrested and charged a young man with assault following an alleged incident involving a samurai sword.

Missouri woman arrested, suspected of robbery

Most people have multiple interactions throughout their day. Even a short trip to the grocery store typically results in some sort of conversation. Unfortunately, a recent alleged interaction between two women in a Missouri pharmacy led to one woman's arrest after she was suspected of robbery.

Rape charges filed in case of Missouri college student

For many people, college is both a time of planning and studying to prepare for a future career and a time of carefree enjoyment. Unfortunately, some people may encounter certain circumstances that cause them to make legal accusations, even if there is insufficient evidence to support those claims. One man has recently been arrested, accused of a rape that is said to have occurred on a Missouri college campus.

Search leads to possession of drugs, other charges in Missouri

Many people have made mistakes in their lives. For some people, these mistakes have resulted in time spent in prison. Unfortunately, even when people work hard to overcome their past, they can still face unfounded suspicions. One man in Missouri who was previously convicted now faces several charges, including accusations about possession of drugs.

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