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3 charged with robbery in Missouri over cigarettes, phone

Those who have never faced criminal charges in Missouri likely do not fully understand the stress that going through the criminal justice system can create. A lack of familiarity with the process can create uncertainty and cause a defendant to second guess all of his or her decisions. Such may be the case for three men after they were arrested and charged with robbery.

Man suspected of sexual assault arrested for resisting arrest

Many people in Missouri are unsure how to react when approached by an authority figure, regardless of the reason for the interaction. In some cases, some people may react by trying to avoid an encounter. Unfortunately, a man, who was apparently a suspect in a sexual assault case, has now been arrested for resisting arrest and endangering the welfare of a child.

Missouri internet relationship leads to rape charge

The internet has opened many opportunities to people in Missouri and across the world. People in Missouri now have access to more products without driving long distances and are able to more easily and inexpensively maintain contact with people from various different places around the globe. However, the internet does come with some pitfalls. In fact, a teenager is now accused of statutory rape in connection to his reported relationship with a younger girl.

Missouri man denied bail in assault case

When people become involved with the criminal justice system, they are often left wondering about the process and their options. For example, a man in Missouri may be feeling a great deal of stress after his recent arrest in connection to an alleged assault. He is currently being held without bail.

Criminal law: 2 overdoses in Missouri lead to arrests, charges

Because of the stigma associated with recreational drug use, police in many different areas often go aggressively after those they suspect of using or selling drugs. While their zealousness can be admired by some, a person cannot be convicted of a criminal charge unless there is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because the average person in Missouri has little experience with criminal law, assistance may be needed when facing accusations regarding possession or delivery of illicit drugs.

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