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February 2016 Archives

Several people tell different stories re suspected rape incident

A group of people who apparently gathered together on Super Bowl Sunday 2016 are now being questioned by authorities with regard to a suspected sexual assault that supposedly took place that day. Specifically, one of those involved, a 27-year-old man, is accused of felony rape. A 54-year-old man was also reportedly arrested in connection with the Missouri incident.

2 men in Missouri accused of possession of drugs

Two arrests took place in Missouri on a recent Tuesday related to allegations of illicit drug activities. The men accused now face multiple charges, including possession of drugs and distribution of a controlled substance. The men, ages 29 and 24, are accused of dealing drugs from a central-city apartment.

Man sentenced after pleading guilty to possession of drugs

Authorities say that a recent search resulted in the discovery of cocaine and marijuana in the pocket of a man's shorts at an apartment in Missouri. The shorts were apparently identified as his because his driver's license was supposedly in the pocket as well. The man was charged with possession of drugs.

Strong criminal defense often key to avoiding prison in Missouri

A person's reputation is often at stake when arrested under suspicion of criminal wrongdoing. Whether charges are related to a traffic incident or connected to allegations of an assault, theft or other type of crime, a strong criminal defense is often crucial toward achieving a positive outcome in court. In Missouri, experienced criminal lawyers are available to help you overcome your current legal challenges. 

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