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What to do if charged with possession of drugs in Missouri

Being convicted of a drug crime can land a person in prison for years. Those charged with possession of drugs in Missouri will want to know where to go for legal help before facing such charges in court. Missouri drug laws are known as some of the most stringent in the nation.

Teenager charged with first degree robbery in Missouri

One never knows why some young people make what appear to be very foolish decisions at times. Sometimes, those decisions result in legal trouble. In such circumstances, it is wise to remember that every person accused of a crime is able to request legal representation as part of a defense. One teenager in Missouri now faces such charges after being arrested for first degree robbery.

High roller man named in criminal law situation in Missouri

Law enforcement agents have made formal accusations against a man in Missouri that carry potentially serious penalties if he is convicted. Three others were also apparently charged in the criminal law situation. Substantial amounts of drugs were said to be involved in the case.

Man facing charges for alleged rape on Missouri campus

Being accused of a sex crime is by no means evidence of one's guilt. Missouri law, as in other states, protects the accused with the right to a fair trial. The impact upon one's life when accused of rape or other serious crimes can be significant and long-lasting; therefore, it is advisable to protect oneself by retaining the help of an experienced criminal lawyer when charged with a criminal offense.

What to do when charged with minor theft in Missouri

Sometimes, a person in Missouri may face legal challenges that arise from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Being accused of minor theft or other misdemeanors can still have a negative impact on one's standing in the community. It is sometimes possible to obtain a dismissal of charges or expungement of your record so that residual adverse effects of a minor incident do not follow you through life.

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