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Missouri man accused of possession of drugs

Police in Missouri recently conducted an investigation that has apparently resulted in one man's arrest. The situation reportedly involves allegations regarding possession of drugs. State law provides for those accused of such crimes by allowing them an opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible in court.

Man scheduled to be sentenced for internet sex crimes in Missouri

A man is said to have used the internet to develop a relationship with a minor child for the purposes of enticing her to have sexual relations with him. The girl had apparently expressed unhappiness in her current living situation, and the man reportedly told her he could help. She was brought to Missouri, although it still remains unclear how she got there, because the man denies driving her there himself. The man is now one of many who have faced or are facing internet sex crimes charges in the state.

Exploring options for defense against possession of drugs charges

Missouri law is strict when it comes to drug-related crimes. Being accused of possession of drugs or other illicit drug activity may have immediate and long-lasting negative effects on a person's private and/or professional life. Those facing such charges will want to explore any available options to build a strong defense.

Teen in Missouri accused of theft of historical treasure

For a parent to have a minor child accused of crime is an obviously stressful situation. When a teen faces charges of theft or other misdemeanor infractions, it is advisable to seek criminal defense assistance before proceeding to court. The laws and regulations that govern juvenile matters in Missouri may differ from those pertaining to adult defendants.

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