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Definitions of sexual assault crimes vary by state

In Missouri and everywhere else in the United States, there are laws that govern sexually-related offenses. Anyone accused of sexual assault has the right to fight those charges in court. Actions that actually constitute a criminal sexual assault are categorized in different ways from state to state.

Merely being accused of DWI can have lasting negative effects

It is legal to imbibe alcohol just before driving a car as long as one's blood alcohol content is not raised beyond the legal driving limit. However, many drivers choose not to drink at all because they do not want to raise any suspicions, especially if they are pulled over in traffic stops. Many would rather avoid any possibility of being charged with DWI in Missouri than risk getting into trouble over a few drinks.

Missouri man sentenced for internet sex crimes

Many people in Missouri and across the globe use computers and cellphones for all sorts of online activities. However, there are some situations where online actions may be prone to criminal charges and anyone participating in such activity is at risk. One man who was convicted of internet sex crimes was recently sentenced for his offenses.

Two in Missouri charged with possession of drugs

A recent incident occurred in Missouri that resulted in two persons being taken to jail. Multiple charges against them include first-degree felony offenses related to possession of drugs. In this state, such charges are considered quite serious and carry potential penalties of life in prison, if convicted.

How to determine which criminal defense strategy is best

Facing criminal charges in a Missouri court is seldom easy, and it can be downright unnerving. A person with no prior background in a courtroom may be confused as to what type of criminal defense may best fit a particular situation. Regardless of the type of crime in question, there are typically various options available for fighting against any and all charges in court.

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