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Man convicted of sodomy in Missouri appealing program placement

When facing serious criminal charges in Missouri, it is often impossible to predict an outcome. The defense process is often customizable and each situation may include various options for fighting against existing charges. If a conviction is handed down in court, it does not necessarily mean an end to the legal process, as made evident by a recent situation where a man convicted of sodomy is appealing his placement in a sex offender program.

Possession of drugs lands a Missouri man behind bars

Chances are, if Missouri police suspect someone of illegal drug activity, they are going to aggressively pursue the matter. If, at some point, an arrest is made and charges filed, the person accused will have his/her work cut out to avoid conviction. Penalties under conviction for possession of drugs often involve extended prison sentences, as one man recently learned.

Various options possible for defense against possession of drugs

Being charged with a drug-related crime in Missouri presents several challenges with regard to defense. If a person is charged for possession of drugs, drug manufacturing or distribution, it can have an immediate negative impact on all aspects of that person's life. In such situations, it is never too soon to begin exploring all possible options for building a strong defense.

Authorities say Missouri man Googled sexual assault phrases

A man in Missouri has been indicted on 21 counts that include extortion, wire fraud and cyberstalking. Authorities say he committed acts that amount to sexual assault as he acted under fraudulent circumstances with dozens of women. The women were seeking work as models, and were apparently told their chances of being cast would increase if they agreed to engage in sex with the man as an audition for future film work.

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