Child Pornography Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

Charges related to possessing child pornography or using the Internet for other sex-related crimes may not just lead to state charges here in Missouri. The U.S. attorney’s office here in St. Louis takes child pornography-related charges extremely seriously.

That means that just like with other sex crime charges, it is essential to obtain legal representation as quickly as possible. At The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith, I can make sure that prosecutors and police respect your legal rights.

A Lawyer Experienced With Defending Against Federal Charges

Beyond possessing child pornography, federal and state prosecutors also crackdown on online solicitation of minors for sex, known as the enticement of a minor. This is when law enforcement officers pose as teens in chat rooms and then use chat transcripts to make their cases.

As your lawyer, I will make sure you were not entrapped and that police respected your legal rights when arresting you. With experience in U.S. District Courts in Missouri and Illinois, there are few attorneys better suited to help you navigate the complex, intimidating federal criminal justice system.

I know how to minimize the negative effects of charges like these. You can count on me to use my experience and deep knowledge of criminal law to let you know what your options and potential outcomes are. Whether you want to negotiate an out-of-court agreement or take your case to trial, I will pursue every option to help you achieve positive results while handling your case with discretion.

Call A Lawyer Today. The Stakes Are Too High Not To.

The potential consequences — jail, federal prison, fines, probation, and sex offender registry — all have the potential to seriously harm your future. Contact my law firm today to schedule a free consultation and get the representation you deserve.