Legal Representation For Juveniles Facing Criminal Charges

A big part of growing up is about making mistakes and learning that our actions have consequences — some of which can be extremely serious. In cases where a juvenile or teen is accused of committing a crime, control over how to handle the situation is effectively taken out of a parent’s hands as the courts step in to determine innocence or guilt and dole out punishment.

If your son or daughter is facing criminal charges, do not leave his or her fate up to the juvenile courts. Contact The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith to speak with an attorney who has extensive experience advocating for children who become caught up in, and may otherwise be lost too, Missouri’s juvenile justice system.

Pursuant to the policies and requirements set forth by the United States Justice Department, attorney Gregory N. Smith is a certified juvenile delinquency defense counsel. He is uniquely qualified to represent and advocate for juveniles who face some of the most-serious criminal charges.

When Your Child Is Accused Of Committing A Juvenile Crime

Many teens are highly susceptible to peer pressure and will do almost anything to fit in. Consequently, a teen may say or do things without full consideration or comprehension of what may happen or who may be affected.

In Missouri, children under the age of 17 are considered juveniles; however, even children as young as age 12, who is accused of committing certain felony crimes, can be tried as adults. Gregory N. Smith represents juveniles who are facing misdemeanors and felonies related to:

  • Drug charges

  • Assault charges

  • Theft charges

  • Weapons offenses

  • Sex offenses

Protect Your Child’s Future

Every teen makes mistakes. In cases where a teen’s lack of judgment or a poor choice in peers results in criminal charges, it’s important to take swift action to protect your child’s future. A juvenile who lacks legal representation may be subject to harsh court-imposed penalties including:

  • Detention in a secure state juvenile facility

  • Restitution and fines

  • Community service

  • Alcohol or drug treatment

  • Inclusion in Missouri’s juvenile sex offender registry

Additionally, a teen’s feelings of self-esteem and self-worth will likely be crushed as he or she is branded as being a troubled or bad kid. Being subjected to these types of punishments can forever and negatively alter the course of a young person’s life.

Take steps to protect and provide for your child’s well-being today. Call or contact me, attorney Gregory N. Smith to discuss your family’s situation and to learn more about how I can help.